Embroidered Badges


With over 35 years of design and manufacturing experience across more than 1.3 million designs, we make ordering Embroidered Badges and Patches straightforward and efficient, with a strong commitment to eco-friendly and ethically sourced practices. Benefit from:

- Rapid turnaround times, typically between 7-10 days.

- Competitive starting prices—£2.50 for 25 pieces, adjusting to around £0.40 for larger orders.

Customize your order with:

- A choice of felt or twill, merrow, satin, or laser-cut borders.

- A range of backings including non-woven, heat seal, velcro, and temporary adhesive backing, ensuring your badges perfectly reflect your identity.

User-Friendly Online Ordering System

Our online system is designed for ease, guaranteeing complete satisfaction through a detailed 2-step approval process. This includes:

1. A free design mockup for initial approval.

2. Post-payment confirmation via a photo of the sample badge or an option for a physical sample sent in the post for complete satisfaction.

Personalized Assistance

For personalized support or inquiries, our dedicated Brentwood support team is ready to assist. Contact us at 08003687414 for direct support, or use the live chat feature on our website for immediate assistance. We're committed to providing the necessary support to ensure a smooth and satisfactory ordering experience.

Minimum order quantity 25
Upload Your Design
Configure Your Product
  • Guidelines:
    Minimum: 10 mm (height or width)
    Maximum: 350 mm (height or width)
Estimated Price Range
25 PCS
£33.75 - £48.75
£40.50 - £58.50 incl. VAT
£1.35 - £1.95
£1.62 - £2.34 incl. VAT
Important Note!
Prices given are estimates; final costs and a free mockup will be provided within 24 hours.
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